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Another Heavyweight NFT Application from BSC Goes Live Hi5box.com


Introduction: The year of 2020 was a booming year for DeFi technology. The year of 2021 took over from DeFi with an injection of fresh fluid, namely NFT.

  • NFT is the Product of the Times

The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Tokens. ETH, BTC, etc. in a virtual currency player’s wallet are collectively called FT (Fungible Tokens). Each ETH is interchangeable and they have the same value and can be cut into thousands of copies. In contrast, each NFT is unique and has different values and properties. NFT is not interchangeable and cannot be divided, and its smallest unit is 1.

Today there are only about 1.6 million DeFi users, while there are already over 1 million wallet addresses holding NFT.

The explosion of the NFT concept may seem accidental, but actually, it is the product of the times!

While the Internet brings convenience to modern people, it also brings certain drawbacks. Plagiarism and counterfeiting do not require a lot of time and manpower, but can capture high speculative gains. In contrast, NFT is recorded on the blockchain which is tamper-evident, decentralized, and open and transparent, guaranteeing that NFT can be used to anchor a physical object in the real world.

  • BSC Chain Heavyweight NFT Application Goes Live

At 8:00 a.m. EST on November 22, 2021, Hi5BOX (test service), the world’s first NFT creation exchange platform, went live on the BSC chain. During the testing phase, users spontaneously invited their friends to register for the experience and expressed their approval of the Hi5BOX platform. Some NFT senior players believe that Hi5BOX is a heavyweight application on the BSC chain.

The Hi5BOX platform has been labeled as “heavyweight” right after it was launched, what is its finishing touch?

I. Hi5BOX’s NFT is a digital commodity issued based on the BSC chain NFT technology protocol. BSC provides blockchain underlying technical support, trusted depository technology, and digital commodity credential technology services for the issuance transaction and platform of digital commodities.

II. Hi5BOX platform encourages authors to create freely and enjoy exclusive copyright. Creators don’t have to worry about their hard work being plagiarized. Even if their works are traded thousands of times, authors can still enjoy the revenue.

Ⅲ. In the traditional market, value is created by the user, but the revenue belongs to a consortium. The user creates value but does not get the right return! Hi5BOX breaks the deadlock and establishes a new NFT consumption ecosystem, adhering to the concept of user as shareholder and community co-order. Therefore, users can get benefits when they participate in transactions.

  1. Hi5BOX cut into the industrial structure of the [Opening Boxes to Point Stars] play, which is young but not simple. The founding team took into account the diversity of user needs and conducted a meticulous market survey, incorporating horoscope elements into the two most popular play modes for boys and girls: Blind Box Extraction + Card Upgrade.

In summary, Hi5BOX strives to enable users to achieve a win-win situation in the world of spirit and value. The project that captures the hearts of users must be for the sake of users and in tune with them.

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