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SSV Network Founder Drafted; Assurance of Continued Operations Given


Amidst a growing humanitarian crisis marked by war, key figures from the Secret-Shared-Validator (SSV) Network took to social media to share their personal experiences and affirm the Network’s ongoing operations. The SSV Network is a decentralized platform fundamentally designed to bolster the security and privacy facets of Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) network. The underpinning technology, known as Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) or Secret Shared Validators (SSV)

On 11 October 2023, Alon Muroch, the Founder of SSV Network, tweeted about his recent draft into military service amidst a dire situation on the ground, describing it as a “massacre” with 90% civilian casualties. He shared his sentiment at 1:40 pm, garnering significant attention with over 100.3k views. In a subsequent tweet two hours later, he emphasized the grim reality and the determination to “turn the tables” in an ongoing effort that he acknowledged would neither be “short nor pretty.”

Shortly after Muroch’s disclosure, A. Matthias, Head of Global Business Development at SSV Network, expressed gratitude for the support received. Through a bilingual message, Matthias ensured the community that the entire team is still at work and normal operations continue. He showcased the team’s unity and resolve by stating, “Not even the war can bring us down, this only brings us more united.” He reaffirmed SSV Network’s commitment to building a robust Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) network for the public amidst the ongoing crisis.

The expressions of solidarity and the continuation of operations amidst a war crisis underscore the inherent resilience of decentralized systems like SSV Network. The ability to maintain operational integrity even under adverse conditions reflects the robust nature of decentralized blockchain networks. Such networks, with distributed validators, play a crucial role in maintaining the full decentralization of Ethereum 2.0 staking infrastructure, an essence of SSV Network’s mission.

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