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How fintech innovation is driving digital transformation for communities across the globe  


To meet the demands of today’s consumers, enterprises must be continuously innovating. But innovation doesn’t happen in silos. Fintechs, for example, have been transformational for the financial services industry, from democratizing finance to establishing digital currencies that revolutionized the way that we think of money.  

As fintechs race to keep up with the needs of their customers and co-create with larger financial institutions, they can leverage AI and hybrid cloud solutions to drive true digital transformation and meet these evolving demands. 

How Dollarito is connecting larger financial institutions with financially underserved communities 

According to research from the US Government Accountability Office, roughly 45 million people lack credit scores because they don’t have certain data points that credit scores are based on, which limits their eligibility. Traditional credit report models use parameters such as the status of an active loan or credit card payment records to give an individual a credit score. If someone does not fit within these parameters, it can be difficult to procure a loan, take out a mortgage or even buy a car. However, with a more accurate model, such as one powered by AI, financial institutions can better identify applicants who are fit for credit. This can result in a higher approval rate for these populations that otherwise would typically be overlooked. 

Dollarito, a digital lending platform, is focused on helping the Hispanic population with no credit history or low FICO scores access fair credit. The platform offers a unique solution that measures repayment capabilities by using new methodology based on AI, behavioral economics, cloud technology and real-time data. Leveraging AI, Dollarito’s models tap into a wide store of data from banking transactions, behavioral data and economic variables related to the credit applicant’s income source. 

With IBM Cloud for Financial Services®, Dollarito, an IBM Business Partner, is able to scale their models continuously and quickly deploy the services that their clients need, while ensuring their services meet the standards and regulations of the industry.  

Dollarito uses IBM Cloud for Financial Services technologies to optimize infrastructure and demonstrate compliance, allowing us to focus on our mission of providing financial services to underserved communities. We are dedicated to building a bridge of trust between these populations and traditional financial institutions and capital markets. With AI and hybrid cloud technologies from IBM, we are developing solutions to serve these groups in a cost-effective way while addressing risk.” – Carmen Roman, CEO and Founder of Dollarito 

Dollarito is also embracing generative AI, integrating IBM watsonx™ assistant to help its users interact easily and get financial insights to improve the likelihood of access to credit. Like IBM®, Dollarito recognizes the great opportunity that AI brings for the financial services industry, allowing enterprises to tap into a wealth of new market opportunities.  

How Ionburst is helping to protect critical data in a hybrid world 

Data security is central to nearly everything that we do, especially within financial services as banks and other institutions are trusted to protect the most sensitive consumer data. As data now lives everywhere, across multiple clouds, on-premises and at the edge, it is more important than ever before that banks manage their security centrally. And this is where Ionburst comes in. 

With their platform running on IBM Cloud, Ionburst provides data protection across hybrid cloud environments, prioritizing compliance, security and recovery of data. Ionburst’s platform provides a seamless and unified interface allowing for central management of data and is designed to help clients address their regulatory requirements, including data sovereignty, which can ultimately help them reduce compliance costs.  

Ionburst is actively bridging the security gap between data on-premises and the cloud by providing strong security guardrails and integrated data management. With Ionburst’s solution available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services, we are working together to reduce data security risks throughout the financial services industry. 

“It’s critical financial institutions consider how they can best mitigate risk. With Ionburst’s platform, we’re working to give organizations control and visibility over their data everywhere. IBM Cloud’s focus on compliance and security is helping us make this possible and enabling us to give customers confidence that their data is protected – which is critically important in the financial services sector,” – David Lanc and Anne Lanc, Co-Founders and Inventors of Ionburst 

Leveraging the value of ecosystems  

Tapping into innovations from fintechs has immensely impacted the financial services industry. As shown by Ionburst and Dollarito, having an innovative ecosystem that supports your mission as a larger financial institution is critical for success and accelerating the adoption of AI and hybrid cloud technology can help drive innovation throughout the industry. 

With IBM Cloud for Financial Services, IBM is positioned to help fintechs ensure that their products and services are compliant and adhere to the same stringent regulations that banks must meet. With security and controls built into the cloud platform and designed by the industry, we aim to help fintechs and larger financial institutions mitigate risk, address evolving regulations and accelerate cloud and AI adoption. 

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